„Hi Saturday full of ideas” is another topic worked on within the frames of project „Good school for the 21st century”. On 17th January, 2019 the students of our school prepared the Bazaar of Saturday activities, which aimed at promotion of interesting, active ways of spending free time without the use of computers and telecommunications equipment.

During that event we were able to find out about many different ways of how other teenagers make use of free time, devoting themselves to such activities as helping others and organising charity events as members of the School Center of Volunteering or arranging scout meetings, camps or bivouacs as members of the Union of Polish Scouting.

It was very interesting and colourfully at the stall of „Moklandia” – the drama group functioning in the House of Culture in Ruda Śląska. The mambers of this group range from kindergarten kids to students. Their shows are not only fun, but also the source of important message to young people.

Mrs. Joanna Spychała, our P.E. teacher promoted an  activeway of spending free time, for example  playing bowling or training  NordicWalking. She was accompanied by Justyna Wilk, our student from class 3 FR whose passion is horseriding, expecially equestrian vaulting.

Patryk Obarski, also the student of class 3 FR is a great bookworm – he tried to encourage us to read more and presented the schedule of literary meetings which were supposed to take place in the neighbourgood.

We also got acquainted with the offer of the City Center of Sport and Leisure Activities. Mr Adam Poloczek told us about the sports facilities available in our city, which are for example: a rollers track, an athletics stadium, indoor swimming pools, tennis courts and football pitches.

Additionally, Agnieszka Flaschka and Kinga Kinder, pupils from class 2 FR, prepared a presentation about commercial places in which we can have a good time with our friends, for example The Roller Skating Rink in Katowice, Jump World in Zabrze or The Climbing Wall in Ruda Śląska.

The students from the first, second and third classes took part in the Bazaar of Saturday Activities. After a short presentation there was time for discussion and asking questions.

We hope that many of us, after this event, were able to find some alternative ways of spanding free time instead of  playing computer games, surfing the Internet or watching TV.

(tłumaczenie: Ewa Piechota)

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