Volunteering was the topic of the next meeting of the partners working on the project “Good school for the 21st century” worked on in the frames of Erasmus + Programme. This time the host of the meeting was Stredná Odborná Škola Techniky a Služieb from Levice in Slovakia and it took place from 22nd to 26yh October 2019.

Preparation to the visit

It is the best solution to become a volunteer yourself if you want to create an opinion on this topic. The students of our school: Andrea Christ and Mateusz Jonda (3H), Agnieszka Flaschka and Kinga Kinder (3F) and Agnieszka Skora and Agnieszka Porębska (2B) took some volunteering actions during summer holidays. They spent some time with children during extra summer classes for students attending Zespół Szkół Specjalnych (the school of special education) in Ruda Śląska, cooperated with the association “Walczymy Razem” (We fight together) and worked for the Animal Shelter in Chorzów.

Participating in these actions helped our students to develop their empathy and made them find solutions in situations requiring adjusting to changing conditions. They claim it was a very valuable experience for them. Some of them think about going on with their working for others.

Meeting in Levice

The schedule of our visit in Levice was very rich and diversified. First we met the Mayor of Levice, Mr Jan Krtik. During this meeting we introduced our group and gave regards from the authorities of Ruda Śląska which is the parter city of Levice.

After that official meeting we went to school and started the practical activities. Each group presented their opinions and experiences connected with volunteering. We showed how it is possible to become a volunteer on different scales – at school, in your city, in the country. A part of our presentation was devoted to our short reports from summer activities.

And then workshops followed. We attended a meeting in the Center helping the disabled, we took part in discussions about volunteering and we planted “the trees of friendship”.

We also had the chance to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our partner school in Levice. During the official celebration we got acquainted with the history of the school, its successes and plans for the future.

The attractions of Slovakia

It is the fixed point during our meetings to do some sightseeing and come closer to the culture of the host country. This time we had the opportunity to admire the charms of Slovakia, which was even more attractive thanks to wonderful Autumn weather.

We visited the village of Cziczmany with well preserved 180 wooden houses decorated with characteristic white ornaments.

We also went to the castle in Bojnice – one of the most beautiful and the most frequently visited castles not only in Slovakia but also in the whole Central Europe.

Another interesting trip led us to the city of Kremnica, which is the center of tourism and recreation both in the “heart” of Slovakia and Europe. What we saw here was, among others, the mint.

One of the gems in Slovakia is without doubt the city of Banská Štiavnica located in the middle of Szczwnickie Mountains, having its entry on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We were able to see this place and visit the Museum of Love there.


I think that each person participating in our project may confirm it’s worth the effort. We gain new experiences, visit new places, meet people and make friends.

While working on project tasks we improve our linguistic, civil and organisational skills, which remains in agreement with  the main objective of the project  – to develop the key competences of a student of the 21st century.

And, last but not least, we expand our respect to other cultures and to the tradition of our own nation.

(translation: Ewa Piechota)

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