Have a short look at what it was like to participate in the first international meeting held online.

It was already the 5th meeting of partners working on the Project „Good School for the 21st Century” arranged within the frames of the Erasmus +  Programme. It  lasted at our school from 22 to 26 March, 2021 and the number of its participants was 150.

The host of the meeting was Andre Citroena  secondary school from the Czech Republic. Because of the epidemic situation in Europe, it had to take the form of an online meeting. The objective was the use of New Technologies in education, industry and everyday life.

Short note about the project

„Good School for the 21st Century” is a project  wchich aims at making students and teachers develop their language, civic and organisational skills. During the meetings in parnter schools the participants have the opportunity to get acquainted different cultures, traditions and customs. The project is something more than typical learning at school – it is about widening knowledge through experience. Also the meeting arranged by the school from Boskovice – even though held online – gave us a chance to gain knew knowledge and skills.

What did the meeting look like?

A group of almost 150 students and teachers from partner schools took part in the online meeting. The pupils from groups 2 EG and 1 R represented our school

During the event we could participate in a few webinars, lectures and discussions concerning i.e. the situation connected with COVID-19 pandemic in our countries.

On the first day (Monday) the formal opening of the meeting by the coordinator of the project and the manager of the school In Bosksovice was followed by the presentations of students from each partner school. This part aimed at looking for answers the the following question: „Are Information and Communication Technologies our friends or enemies?” The presentations showed us how we use the Internet and computers to work or have fun, how New Technologies influence us, what advantages and disadvantages are connected with their use and what should be done to make sure that being in touch with them does not interfere with our well-being.

Click here to see the works of the students.

On the second day we found out how to use computer technologies  to promote our schools. The presentation about the school in Boskovice and about the city itself was to serve as an example. It also presented the tourist attractions of the Czech Republic. We were really impressed and after the tightening connected with COVID-19 are reduced, many of us are going to visit the places we saw during the presentation.

Wednesday was the time when we got acquainted with the use of New Technologies in learning and industry. We found out how to learn programming while playing with LEGO robots (how to program and start such robots), we learnt what the following are: algorithm, programme, mathematical operations . We also know now what a 3D – printer looks like, what printing in this technology is about and what should be done to prepare a project for printing.

Thursday was devoted to Video Technologies. A short lecture helped us to get to know what technologies are used to create visualisations and what „VR” Or „360 technology” are. Making use of VR goggles moved us to the virtual word. The second attraction on this day was a very interesting webinar on how to make presentations.

Friday was a social – cultural Day. The hosts of the meeting invited us to a virtual trip to the Jewish district In Boskovice. After a short break we created small groups, the members of which talked about their schools, cities, interests. It was a very interesting experience, which developed our language and communicative skills.

Summing up

We made it! Thanks to the high level of the host school representatives’ efforts and involvement of all the participating schools, our online meeting proved to be really successful. We gained useful knowledge and made new friends. We look forward to the next meeting – we hope this time it will be a „face to face” one.

(translation: Ewa Piechota)

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