The first project meeting of the partners working on the project “Good school for the 21st century” started on 20th November, 2018. The visit lasted 5 days ad its host was our school. The schedule of the meeting was varied. Students and teachers, equiped with well-prepared presentations and materials, came here ready to face new challenges.

It started with the presentations of our cities and schools. It was very interesting to find out about Istanbul, Levice, Eger, Postojna, Bokovice and Ruda Śląska.

What followed was the analysis of actions taken in our parter countries within the frames of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The students took part in workshops connected with this topic. In our IT lab they learnt about the objects located in partner countries and included into the UNESCO World Heritage List and they did it by playing multimedia games prepared by our IT teacher.  They could also check their knowledge about partner countries in a Kahoot test. Supervised by our teachers educating in the field of tourism they planned a journey through our countries, including their tourist attractions and finding the best solutions as far as the costs of the journey are concerned.  They, together with their teachers, had a chance to learn national dances. We taught our partners how to dance “trojak” – our traditional Silesian dance, and at the end  the whole group danced polonaise.

Another important event during the meeting was the staging prepared by our students and devoted to regaining of the Independence of Poland. Then we sang the national anthem of Poland. At this stage our guests presented their chosen national heroes.

The teachers shared their knowledge in the field of school management. The following topics were dealt with:

  1. Creating the image of innovative school (Istanbul).
  2. External and internal evaluation of the work quality at school (Levice).
  3. Ethical rules in managing schools (Eger).
  4. Motivating people (Ruda Śląska).
  5. Organisational chart in managing schools (Postojna).
  6. Long-term schools partnership (Boskovice).

On Thursday (22nd November, 2018) we went to the Town Hall in Ruda Śląska to attend the meeting with the authorities of the city. We  were invited to the session hall, where the President of the City, Mrs Grażyna Dziedzic, welcomed all of the guests. She was accompanied by Mrs Grażyna Jaszczyk – the Head Deputy of the Educational Department of Ruda Śląska. During the visit they presented the city to our guests and got acquainted with our project partners.

The aims of the project.

One of the aims of partnership meetings is the popularisation of a country or a region. What we did to meet this requirement was a trip to the capital city of our voivodship – Katowice. We visited the center of the National Symphonic Orchestra of the Polish Radio, which impressed everybody. We also went to the Silesian Stadium with adjoining park. Delicious meals served on that day belonged to the traditional Polish and Silesian cuisine.

What benefits did the meeting give to its participants? We know more about partner countries, cities and schools, we understand and accept the variety of European cultures, we have widened our knowledge about geography, tourism and history of our countries. What is more – we have developed our competences in team work, presentations, experience exchange and interpersonal communication. Additionally, the teachers know now more about methods and practice employed in school management and they have planned the realisation of the next project activities.

(tłumaczenie: Ewa Piechota)

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