At the beginning of May the students of our school took part in a trip in the frame of the project “Good School for the 21st century”. After coming back home they organised the same workshops they participated in while staying in Hungary.

During the trip to Eger, the students not only got acquainted with Hungarian culture and habits but also learnt about how to re-use various materials.

During the workshops arranged by the teachers and students in Eger our representatives learnt about the re-use of plastic bottles and wine corks. There were also Eco tests carried out by means of new technologices – tablets, and Kahoot! Programme.

On 21st May students selected from different classes took part in workshops organised by students who had been to Eger – Natalia Łącka, Karolina Goik, Dawid Pałkowski and Patryk Obarski.

At the beginning they could see the presentation about the visit in Eger and Budapest. They learnt about the history of Budapest and Hungary. Then practical part of workshops started, during which students made decorative flowers out of plastic bottles.

After these classes students were not only glad and satisfied but also more aware of the fact that being “Eco” is real fun.

(translation: Ewa Piechota)

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