Another meeting of partner schools working together on the project “Good School for the 21st Century” in the Erasmus + Programme took place at the beginning of May. This time the representatives of the schools met in Eger, Hungary, where they discussed among others the topics connected with environmental protection.

The meeting in Hungary was the third one arranged while working on the project. The first meeting took place in Poland on 20th November, and Instanbul, Turkey followed.

The participating schools come from Eger (Hungary), Istanbul (Turkey), Boskovice (The Czech Republic), Postojna (Slovenia) and Ruda Śląska (Poland).

The place of the last meeting, Eger, is a town famous for termal water Spas. The students and teachers met at the hosting school and the meeting lasted from 7th till 11th May 2019.

The Polish school was represented by students Natalia Łącka, Karolina Goik, Dawid Pałkowski and Patryk Obarski. The teachers accompanying them were Małgorzata Rzepka and Aneta Skuczeń.

The visit in Eger gave the participants the possibility to analyse the ecological policy of the cities they live in but also the chance to develop their competencies connected with conservation.

The students showed their presentations on waste, water and sewage management of their cities and took part in workshops “Doing SOMETHING out of NOTHING”, during which they learnt how to re-use various materials. Afterwards they got acquainted withthe traditional Hungarian dance – czardas.

Taking part in this trip was also the possibility to make international friends and meet new places. The representatives of our school visited among others the local castle in Eger. It was there that the popular historic novel “The Star of Eger” was set. The fans of sweets were especially satisfied by the visit in the Museum of Marzipan and cinema-goers could see the film about the most popular Hungarian mare – Kincesem.

Even though the schedule was extremely busy, we managed to achieve all the goals. The meeting gave students and teachers not only new skills and knowledge but also memories which will stay with us forever.

(translation: Ewa Piechota)

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