The participants of the second international meeting of partner schools in the project „Good school for the 21st century” carried out workshops for the pupils of our school.

The meeting took place on 19th March, 2019. 21 students from different classes got involved in these activities.

Our workshops consisted of two parts. During the first one Sebastian Dybała and Sebastian Salastowicz told us about their stay in Turkey and presented the sights they could admire in that country. They also talked about activities in which they participated in the Turkish school.

In the second part of the meeting Kinga Kinder and Agnieszka Flaschka carried out the workshops connected with the creation of mind maps. They learnt about the techniques of making them during their stay in Istanbul. A short theoretical introduction about mind maps and the methods of their creation was followed by activities in groups. Students divided into groups of four produced mind maps connected with methods of spending free time on Saturdays.

I supervised the activities as the leader of the project group and my task was to summarise each part of the activities, to emphasise the importance of good time management during the day and to encourage students to use the tool of  creating mind maps, for example to make notes while studying.

(translation: Ewa Piechota)

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