“Hi! Saturday full o f ideas” – was the objective of the second partnership meeting, which took place from 5th to 9th March, 2019. The receiving organisation was the secondary school in Istanbul (Turkey). The participants of the meeting were students and teachers from 6 partner schools (The Chech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Turkey and Poland). Our school was represented by Kinga Kinder and Agnieszka Flaschka (class 2F) and Sebastian Dybała and Sebastian Salastowicz  (class 3BM) with Mrs. Małgorzata Rzepka – Maths teacher and Mrs. Aneta Skuczeń – IT teacher.

We spent 5 exciting days, gaining new experience.

The subject matter of the meeting, dealt with by the students, was the way of spending free time favoured by young people. Among the presented ideas were: walks, social meetings, extra educational classes, hiking in the mountains, sport, tourism and dancing.

What proved to be very useful for the students were the workshops “Mind Map”.  Maps connected with the topic of “My school day” included the descriptions and information about the duration of everyday young people’s activities, and were followed by pointing at similarities and differences in the ways of time scheduling during and after school classes.

During our trip to Turkey we didn’t forget about the best and the healthiest method of spending free time, which is doing sport. Students divided into international teams took  part in a basketball tournament. We enjoy the fact that the team of Kinga and Sebastian Dybała won the gold.

The teachers developed their competences, gaining the abilities to combine teaching with tradition and search for roots, to use various activating methods, to employ different methods of motivation, to increase the role of students in the teaching-learning process and to focus on the equalization of opportunities.

During our stay in Istanbul we also had the chance to meet the inhabitants of the city and their customs. And of course the city itself.  It was very impressive to walk down the streets of Istanbul. We visited the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Sarayi – the palace which was the residence of sultans for 380 years and Hagia Sophia – the museum which used to be a christian temple and a mosque. We also saw the largest aancient underground tank  – the Tank of The Basilica, which still exists under the ground of the city.

The Turkish bazaars are an absolute must in Istanbul. We were able to visit the Spice Bazaar and Grand Bazaar, where we could bargain surrounded by scents of exotic spices.

Our visit in the partner school was also a chance to taste the specialities of traditional cuisine, which is one of the elements of every country’s culture. The meals were varied, rich in vegetables and sometimes very spicy. They usually ended with desserts and a glass of Turkish tea.

During our meeting we chose the logo of the project. The winner was the design prepared by the students from Slovenia.

All of the meetings and working on different tasks before each of them are challenges and the sources of new experience for both students and teachers. The possibility to widen our knowledge, communicate in English and meet different cultures  is only one of numerous benefits they provide.

(tłumaczenie: Ewa Piechota)

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